I always feel the need to mention a great customer experience. The fact is that Canadian Tire understands customer service, finally! My local Canadian Tire store deserves the designation of Social Proprietor. Most Canadians have a love hate relationship with our major retail brands and deservedly so. Social media is overflowing with tales of poor…

backup wordpress

Many WordPress users devote their time and effort to creating content. Dealing with update issues is not something that they enjoy.  We are offering you a service that will free up your time and increase your comfort level. Why Backup WordPress? Backup is important for security Always have a backup copy in case of standard…

when to update your website

When is the right time to update your website? For some reason, people like to take the Goldilocks approach to website updates. When I ask,” when would you like to update your website”, these are 3 common answers that I hear: it’s our slow season the market is soft right now we are in our…

need social media links like twitter

Does my website need social media links? While the money market experts try to peg the real value of these shares, our task is to demonstrate the value of social media in our website designs. Is there a return on investment when you add social media to your site?

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