when to update your website

When is the right time to update your website? For some reason, people like to take the Goldilocks approach to website updates. When I ask,” when would you like to update your website”, these are 3 common answers that I hear: it’s our slow season the market is soft right now we are in our…

rethink your business model

Complacent business attitudes are keeping Canadian businesses from succeeding in today’s economy. In an editorial in the Globe and Mail, Konrad Yakabuski names Blackberry and Nortel as two companies that were guilty of refusing to rethink your business model. These are very high profile failures. Kodak is another example. They are just now coming out…

small business

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Google Plus are social media links to your company. An active blog can provide results in mobile computing.

Tools for Social Proprietors Self hosting and a WordPress installation are the foundation of every Social Proprietor. Self hosting gives every small to medium business a controllable presence on the internet. This is not something that should managed by a third party. It is critical to your success that you have access to and control…

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