Context in Social Media

According to Lynne MacKay at MacKay Byrne Group Inc., entrepreneurs tend to oversell themselves at social events and that is a faux pas. If it doesn’t work on a face to face basis, how can we use these lessons to add context in social media and the web?

The number one rule is to have an agenda and stick to it. A dedicated staff member, or virtual assistant, will allow you to capitalize on the opportunities that arise. You need to have goals and measure the results.

Make your website accessible to the public. Website development should be carried out with a view to functionality in the architecture. Do not overload your presence with features designed to sell products and service at the expense of not providing an effective means of communication with your audience. Social networking on the web will allow you increase your exposure and visibility, but make sure you are able to respond with different feeds such as RSS and other blog feeds. If you have a Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter account, be sure to provide links on your homepage. Monitor your email daily if you have provided a comments feature on your blog.

YouTube can help deliver promotional messages, but take care that you are providing relevant content. Everything from Tweeting to targeted marketing on Facebook can work to your advantage if you have prepared properly. Engaging with customers should be the focus of social networking strategy on the internet.

Terry Heenan

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