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There are opportunities for small business to participate in a market that is dominated by the giant retailers. You need to have an online marketing strategy for the holiday season.

As it continues to grow as a “shopping event” you will be able to reward loyal customers with sales promotions. “Canadians are waking up to the convenience and flexibility of online shopping, especially during the busy holiday season,” says Joanna Track, co-founder and CEO of luxury online retailer eLUXE.

An Interac® survey finds ebooks and other in-home entertainment items top Canadians’ shopping lists. Canadian shopping enthusiasts plan to shop for their most sought after goods at online retailers. According to a recent Interac® survey, conducted by The Strategic Counsel, many online shoppers plan to purchase items such as ebooks and DVDs (60 per cent), followed closely by clothes and fashion accessories (59 per cent). Computers, tablets or MP3 players (41 per cent) round out the top three categories of items most likely to be purchased on Cyber Monday.
Interestingly, 62 per cent of likely Cyber Monday shoppers plan to make purchases at Canadian online retailers.

A review of your online marketing strategy may provide insights and opportunities. A social proprietorship website allows you to increase sales with an online marketing strategy.

Online marketing strategies to consider:

Promote: Organize for CYBER MONDAY giving the best possible deals you can! Ask your sales partners to contribute advertising funds or deeper discounts. Avoid promoting outdated inventory and non competitive prices. Consumers will have done their research and are going to zero in on the best values. Make sure to promote your Cyber Monday specials on your website through banners on category and product pages.

eMail Marketing: Permission based marketing is on the rise. Start now to build a customer list through your website. Competitors will be sending out newsletters to their customers and you should do the same.

Online Marketing Strategy: It makes sense to review the content of your Pay Per Click ads. Keywords such as BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY in your ads title could boost your click through rate. If you offer “free shipping” as a sales promotion, make sure to include that as well. Make your offer stand out! There are expected to be more than 700 online retailers promoting Cyber Monday specials!

Execution: When you have fulfilled your online marketing strategy properly and are attracting customers be sure to have both the staff and the inventory to handle a surge in sales. Clearly indicate any restrictions on the promotions. Consider extending the sales promotion right through the holiday shopping season. Do not over promise!

Terry Heenan

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