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Complacent business attitudes are keeping Canadian businesses from succeeding in today’s economy. In an editorial in the Globe and Mail, Konrad Yakabuski names Blackberry and Nortel as two companies that were guilty of refusing to rethink your business model. These are very high profile failures. Kodak is another example. They are just now coming out of bankruptcy protection.

As a small businessman I was involved with Kodak when I operated a 1Hour photo lab. Kodak refused to accept that consumers were going to stop using film and switch over completely to digital imaging. Despite having invented most of the technology behind digital cameras, Kodak would not commit to digital photography. Like other too big to fail companies they were only focused on the the most profitable aspect of their business.

 rethink your business model The Globe and Mail article outlines a common Canadian mistake. Refusing to rethink your business model out of the fear that it would alienate existing customers. Canadians are branded as being “slow moving” in their reactions to a business in crisis.

Refusing to rethink your website design and online marketing strategy? What is holding you back?


Here are some of the responses that we come across:

  • we paid a lot of money for that design a couple of years ago
  • isn’t it expensive to create a new design and upload content
  • we aren’t sure who controls our website
  • our customers don’t use the website to contact us

These are all solvable issues. Website design is similar to cellphones. Over the last twenty years prices have dropped and capabilities have have greatly improved.You will have upgraded your phone on numerous occasions. Website design offers a number of new features that are either free or inexpensive. Just like cellphone apps, websites can increase their functionality through plugins. Almost any feature that you want to add to your website design can be accomplished in a few clicks!

Now is the time to rethink your business model on your website. Affordable, effective and reliable website design is just a click away. Our simple, step by step program allows you to update your content easily and often. You can achieve higher search engine results as well.

And yes, our responsive website design will make your website visible on cellphones and tablets.



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