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You are serious about search engines and what your website needs to rank highly and allow your potential new customers to find you! If your website and your online presence are not following the best, current practices then you need to get serious about search engines. Your website needs to deliver brand awareness, drive traffic to your business and assist customer conversion to clients.

what steps to take next

Search engine discovery is just one of the processes that will deliver new customers and help you retain your existing clients. In order to say that you take search engines seriously, you will need to analyze your website and online social media profile, today, to uncover your successes and failures.

Website audits will reveal if you have the necessary tools. Also, they can determine if the tools are being used correctly. After all, a wrench in the hands of an apprentice is not the same as a wrench in the hands of a master technician. In other words, your website needs to have all the right tools and also to use those tools effectively if you want to be serious about search engines.

Why the right tools will improve results!

Page Load Speed: This a measure of the amount of time it takes for the website to fully display content. A page that is slow to load will usually lose the interest of the viewer.

Responsive Design: Your website content needs to display and interact properly with numerous devices that access the web. Properly done, you will only need one responsive design to meet these needs.

Clear Navigation: Helping visitors to quickly and easily find the right content, call to action, hours of operation and contact information from desktops to mobile devices.

Accessible Content: Does your website meet the requirements for Accessibility? Design Accessibility means your website and the content provide the right environment for people with disabilities.

all the right elements

SSL Certificates: Without these, browsers issue a warning that the site is not secure. These certificates allow secure connections from a web server to a browser. Also, this means data exchanged is protected by encryption

Site Backup and Restoration: Low cost insurance that means the site can be restored without any loss of content.

Google Analytics: Google has a number of tools that will help you analyze the site’s performance and the Analytics tool provides an understanding of visitors behaviour on your site. Where they came from and what actions they took after they landed on the site. These insights will guide future development based on real data.

How does your site measure up for the following tools?

  • page load speed
  • responsive design
  • clear navigation
  • accessible content
  • Google Analytics
  • site backup and restoration
  • SSL certification

Terry Heenan

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