Social Proprietors and Social Media

Social Proprietors and Social Media

Does your business have a “telephone strategy?” Of course not! You answer the phone and deal with customer’s needs. So, if we are Social Proprietors and social media is part of our online marketing strategy, do we need to have a “social media” strategy in place? Yes, we do!

What is measureable, is the metric that states that “companies that blog weekly will have 434% percent more indexed pages” than companies that don’t publish consistently. Our goal is to get your site indexed by search engines, first and foremost. There are many different areas of your business that could provide the inspiration. Small businesses are more agile and can use that to produce great creative content.

Using WordPress as our online platform for building a Social Proprietor and social media website makes it easy to add a social media plugin and enter your social media links. However, anything that takes away from our primary goal should be carefully considered.

Social media can be a potential minefield! You need resources to maintain more than one content delivery strategy. Some companies use outside resources to manage a Facebook Business page. Providing a Twitter feed may be a more reachable goal because the content level is only 140 characters. If you already have a LinkedIn business profile, provide a link to that and the profiles of key management.
LinkedIn audience graph

Using an outside resource for social media content at this stage of your online marketing strategy should be given consideration. Having a website is not our end goal here. Do not drop the ball after the initial flush of success with getting your Social Proprietorship website online. The discipline of building a Social Proprietors and social media website make publishing content a regular task. If the execution looks tired it is because you cannot force your way through this process. It is critical that you engage people’s emotional side.

We do not want to get distracted from creating content for the website. Once we have reached our goal of search engine indexing, then we can consider adding other portals that engage our target audience. Analysis of how your website content is being viewed allows you to integrate other social media content in a way that your customers will interact with you.

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