Tools for Social Proprietors

Tools for Social Proprietors

Self hosting and a WordPress installation are the foundation of every Social Proprietor.

Self hosting gives every small to medium business a controllable presence on the internet. This is not something that should managed by a third party. It is critical to your success that you have access to and control of your web presence. A lot of companies might discover that they are paying a premium to a third party for the web hosting. I urge you to investigate your costs. The dotcom mania in the nineties led to an overcapacity of fiber optic networks around the world. This over supply has led to very low hosting costs and there is no reason to believe that the prices will rise.

WordPress is the platform for your web presence. Here are some WordPress statistics…

WordPress 3.3 has been downloaded over 12 million times. This latest version of the software was released on 12 December 2011, making that an average figure of 105,263 downloads per day.

16% of all websites run on WordPress in 2012. That’s an estimated 58,000,000 sites.

WordPress holds 53.8% of the market share for Content Management Systems. Over half of all webmasters using any kind of CMS have chosen WordPress. Joomla, the closest competitor to WordPress in terms of popularity, holds just 9.2% of the CMS market. Drupal sits in third place with 6.7%.

WordPress has been translated and localized into at least 73 different languages. This has been achieved entirely on a volunteer basis, by passionate WordPress users in all parts of the world.

Over 20,000 people make their living with WordPress. Developers, designers, consultants, bloggers and countless other professionals use their WP skills to put bread on the table. WordPress skills are in higher demand than ever. According to the latest Online Employment Report at, WordPress programmers rank second place on a list of the 100 most sought-after freelance professionals.

What this means for Social Proprietors is low cost tools from some of the brightest web developers. You can choose between free and Premium Themes that will help you launch your website and get your business online today. If you want a custom website appearance, that can be done as well. All the functions that you can think are also available from almost 20,000 plugins that are mostly free and premium customized plugins that offer exceptional value are also available.

In short with the WordPress famous 5 minute installation you can get your business online today and start down the path to executing your small business online strategy.

Terry Heenan

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