Update your website: when is the right time?

When is the right time to update your website? For some reason, people like to take the Goldilocks approach to website updates. When I ask,” when would you like to update your website”, these are 3 common answers that I hear:when is the right time to update your website

  • it’s our slow season
  • the market is soft right now
  • we are in our busiest period

Just like Goldilocks, they know they want to do it but they can’t choose. My answer is always the same. Now is the right time to update your website. Lets look at each excuse and see how it can be overcome.

During your slow season cash flow is an issue and you need to catch up on paperwork. The answer is that your website update is affordable. We take care of all of the technical issues. If your website is upgrading to a design that is more flexible to operate, we will convert all your existing content for you. We can also provide you with low cost reliable hosting that is less expensive than your current provider.

The market is soft right now. If your website design is a few years old you may not be getting the traffic you deserve. Why not look at improving your content for search engine optimization? This is an ideal time to review your content and look at new ways to promote your brand. Your site will benefit from new images. Get a step ahead of your competition and update your website to effortlessly add new material as the market conditions improve.

We are in our busy period right now! This is your busy season and you feel that is not the right time to update your website.Wrong! Your website needs to be at its best when your business is most active. This is the time that customers are searching for your products and services. Website updates can be done with a minimal amount of disruption to your work flow. How many of your potential clients are turning away from your outdated site? We can turn your visitors into customers. You will benefit from increased sales at a peak period and be able to charge full market value .

Now is the right time to update your website!


Terry Heenan

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