Using Google Analytics to increase profitability

Is it still a secret to website owners that having a Google Analytics account, which is free, is a very valuable tool in developing their market strategies? While most companies have been aware of Contact Relationship Management technology, many websites were set up without using Analytics.
You need to use Google Analytics to increase profitability

The opportunity to capture user data and develop that information should be utilized. Since the entire process is without cost, and the tutorials to understand and interpret data are readily available, the cost of implementing this feature is very affordable. If you do not have an IT specialist on staff, this a task that can easily be handled by the marketing department. If you are just starting a website or considering a blogging site, such as WordPress, this will be one of the first steps in that process.

Small to medium businesses need to take advantage of the many free software programs that exist to improve data gathering and putting that information into context. While large companies are investing significant dollars in their IT departments, the trickle down theory of software and computing power make your entry to this field very affordable.

Simple exercises in Analytics can show where users are logging on from (Geo location), how they are accessing your site (DSL, cable or mobile device), the time spent viewing the site, the pages viewed and what content is attracting the most viewers. This important data is just waiting for you to mine for your use. Website optimization (SEO) costs can be controlled.

Terry Heenan

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