Why not WordPress?

There are as many reasons why there are blogs as there are blogsites. So, why not WordPress? WordPress is not the only blogging program for the web. However it is fast becoming the most popular and widely used software.

It is free! Yes, you can use this open source programming at no charge. If you want, you can even host your blog on the WordPress site. But that is not the reason you are reading this. You want to know how to use the power and performance of WordPress to express your brand identity. This is where we can help you achieve your goal.

So, when your IT guys roll their eyes and give you the same old story about how long it will take and how much it is going to cost to do what you want, try a fresh approach.

Low cost and fast start up times are why we excel at in putting your presence on the web. However, we are not interested in charging you fees for hosting the site. We want you to take away the skill set to maintain and grow your vision. At your pace. You add your content when you want. Daily, weekly or monthly. Although weekly Posts are highly recommended for their search engine value.

Photos that upload with ease, outbound and inbound links to other web pages, the ability of users to comment on posts and the ease of providing contact forms are just few reasons why WordPress succeeds where other platforms are cumbersome.

We provide you with the tools and ongoing expertise at very affordable prices.

WordPress requires commitment. Your commitment. So, why not WordPress?

Terry Heenan

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