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“you mean it’s that easy and that’s all it costs!”

When you pull back the curtain and reveal how all that thunder and lightning is made possible, everyone says there must be something else to it.

All of the software needed to build, optimize and analyze a WordPress website is free.

Actually, no there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t do all this on your own, but why not take advantage of all this experience. Many small to medium businesses would like to kick start their web presence but are unsure if they can do it on their own. We offer the trained professional advice and support to get you started at affordable rates.

Context Canada is a collaborative effort. It is the result of many hours of research and thought provoking discussions. We provide up to date internet sites, based on WordPress and social media strategies for small to medium businesses. Make use of the best applications available to present your image and brand.

Communicate effectively through WordPress!Become a Social Proprietorship today!

Frequent visitors will notice changes to this site as we move forward. We offer no apologies for making use of this wonderful platform to update the site whenever we can!

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