need social media links like twitter

Does my website need social media links? While the money market experts try to peg the real value of these shares, our task is to demonstrate the value of social media in our website designs. Is there a return on investment when you add social media to your site?

social proprietors and social media

Social Proprietors and Social Media Does your business have a “telephone strategy?” Of course not! You answer the phone and deal with customer’s needs. So, if we are Social Proprietors and social media is part of our online marketing strategy, do we need to have a “social media” strategy in place? Yes, we do! What…

social proprietors and mobile sites

Social Proprietors and Mobile Sites. How much time and money do you need to invest in a mobile site? Should you build your website around a responsive theme?

Who is a Social Proprietor? A social proprietor is anyone and everyone on the internet. We are all connected now, demonstrated by Facebook passing the 1 Billion users mark. Interaction by digital means is how we communicate. This has profound implications for small to medium businesses. Yet, many business operators are reluctant or fearful when…

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