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What should be a simple operation; to upgrade or install a new website can quickly turn into nightmare if you do not have control and access to your website. In Canada this is administered by CIRA. Something as simple as redirecting your DNS server to a different location cannot take place when you do not know or understand the basic facts of your website ownership. When asked, most small to medium business owners seem to have no idea what the registration details of their website are or how to go about getting that information. Frequently, we hear the response that it is a family member, friend or former client that set them up originally.

What this means is that they do not know how to get in touch with them or that they do not want to tell their friend or family member that they are now considering upgrading or changing their websites. This is a recipe for disaster. If this describes the situation with your current website, take every action possible to gain control over your website. It may be a simple process or it might require some forms being filled out and then faxed or emailed to the proper authorities to fix things.

With the right hosting company setting up a WordPress blog site can be as simple as clicking a few times and waiting for the results to take place. With the wrong host we usually encounter many hours or days getting things right. If your current hosting provider does have a one click installation for WordPress it would be a good time to consider finding a new host. Website hosting is a very competitive market and there are many cost effective packages available to choose from.

Terry Heenan

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