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Many WordPress users devote their time and effort to creating content. Dealing with update issues is not something that they enjoy. We are offering you a service that will free up your time and increase your comfort level.

Why Backup WordPressbackup wordpress ?

  • Backup is important for security
  • Always have a backup copy in case of standard server errors, user errors or loss of data
  • Your sites can be saved from any kind of attack because you always can restore the website
  • Gives you peace of mind

There are a number of ways to strengthen your WordPress blog’s security. We still think one of the best ways is to backup WordPress regularly. That way you can re-install your files or content and roll back to your post if the site is compromised. We will run full file and database backups and store them on the cloud and email you a copy. In the event of a server crash, a hacker or if someone accidentally deletes anything, your website will be back up and running within hours.

What we will do

1) Backup WordPress: We backup your site to protect your content for system failures or accidental damage. We will perform regular database backups and full content backups. We will also archive one backup offsite per week, so we still have an archive to recover from if there is a catastrophic hardware failure. Our team will test the integrity of the archive to ensure it is fit to restore should the worst happen. If an issue occurs we will also perform any restorations you need. 2) Updates: WordPress is constantly being updated. This is one of its greatest strengths! We will manage and update all new software versions, Plugins and Themes. If any issues occur after an update we will be there to fix them. This sometimes happens if a plugin or theme is not compatible with a WordPress update. 3) Monitoring: We will monitor your site’s availability and if we if find that your site has crashed we will bring it back online.

Special Offer: Backup WordPress

Sign up now and you will receive this bonus offer:

  1. Site loading speed analyzed
  2. Your website reviewed in W3 Validator
  3. We will maintain an account in Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster for your site

Websites that are slow to load (a site that takes more than 2 seconds to load) is the number 1 reason for visitors to leave that site. We can demonstrate how to improve page loading speeds and convert visitors into customers. W3 Validator will provide insight into coding errors from older themes and plugins. Webmaster tools will notify us if there is a site indexing issue, and we will correct that for you. If a search engine cannot access your site, we will be notified and take action to restore it. For site speed issues and code validation we will provide you with a report outlining steps that can be taken to fix or improve the results. Depending on the extent of the warnings, we will recommend a course of action for you and assist you in fixing these issues.

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