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Global sales of desktop and laptop computers are will fall 11 per cent this year. While mobile computing devices including tablets (53 per cent) and mobile phones (4 per cent) continue their upward trend. Tablets rapid penetration of the market will result a change in how we view the world wide web. With screen sizes typically ranging from 7 to 10 inches, delivering content on mobile computing devices is becoming critical. This shift in content viewing means that business website design must ensure that your content is visible in the Safari browser that is standard on Apple products.

A lot of businesses have been reluctant to upgrade computer operating systems. Since Windows XP is still the operating system for a lot of companies, they may not be aware of website design issues and computer browser issues. If you are still using Internet Explorer  6 to browse the internet then you are stuck with a browser that is out of date. You cannot update your IE browser unless you update your Windows operating system.

2 views of a browser seen through IE Simply put, if your website is a couple years old it is also out of date. If your website design uses Flash, then it won’t be visible to anyone using an Apple product for mobile computing.

CSS rules ( the code that delivers your website) have changed and their are many new options for styling web pages, but you can’t see these new techniques because you are still using an out of date browser. talk about seeing the web through “rose coloured glasses”!

If you have been collecting data from Google Analytics you will be able to determine the browser systems that are being used to view your site. This data can break down the information in a number of ways, including site views from mobile devices.

Advertisers have seen the decline in dollars spent on print media and the shift to digital media.

  • Social media applications may not work on older websites
  • Your customer demographics may not have changed but they are interacting in so many new ways that is hard to keep up
  • Nowadays we are selling lifestyle not just bricks and mortar.

If you are looking for a way to refresh the look of your website keep mobile computing front and centre in that process. We do!

Terry Heenan

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