Mobile Website Design

At this time of year there seems to be a lot of breaking news and updates regarding smartphone, tablets and new apps for these devices.Does that make a mobile website design a higher priority for small businesses? Is your website based on a mobile website design?

mobile website design
Responsive websites are designed to create an engaging interaction when viewed on smartphones and tablets. The way the website design responds to a smaller screen is crucial in holding your viewer and converting a visitor into a customer. If the website design breaks up or doesn’t render content for mobile devices you are missing out on an ever increasing market. Make your website content viewable and actionable.

Google’s share price just broke through the $1000.00 price range. Some analysts expect that there is still room for future growth. This optimism is based on Google’s ability to deliver online advertising to all platforms. Targeted and focused strategy for mobile devices is increasing revenue.Paid clicks grew 26% percent year over year.

If your website is few years old it will benefit from a website review with an emphasis on providing a mobile website design.Responsive website design will include these features:

  • images that scale to screen size that they are viewed on
  • content that will expand when the screen is “zoomed”
  • site layout that maintains its overall design
  • a site is optimized to deliver what a user wants
  • a website design works effectively and reliably on a wide range of devices

Your website could use an update.Changes to web design and SEO are constant.We provide affordable solutions for small businesses that want to be social proprietors.


Terry Heenan

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