Online advertising is serious business

With the recent announcement that Chris O’Neill will head up Google’s operations in Canada, the online advertising scene might be about to change. Chris is Canadian, with roots in a family operated Canadian Tire store, and the feeling is that he will be able to convert Canadian digital business strategy and consumers click patterns.

While we surf with the best of them, there is still a reluctance to make online purchases in Canada. If you are operating a website and you are not using an online ad strategy, perhaps you feel that this is justifiable because Canadian consumers are slower to convert their shopping behavior. You could be missing out on a ground floor level of opportunity, as business and consumer internet behavior patterns start to shift.

Online advertising campaigns can deliver viewers to websites in many different ways. Not everyone is selling a product over the internet. Many businesses are using social media and e-marketing strategies just to build connections. Cost effective ad campaigns can quickly boost your websites visibility when it is brand new or when you have an important new message to deliver. The key is understanding and analyzing website performance and knowing where your visitors originate. Gathering the data and understanding the context of the results will allow you to refine your web presence.

Terry Heenan

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